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Sales training

🌍🌍 Another international group of "Design Thinkers" inducted 👏👏

Over the past 4 days I have worked on this topic with commercial and sales leaders from Ericsson on behalf of Imparta.

♻ We've gone through the complete Design Thinking process using a range of tools and techniques to support sales teams engage more effectively with customers.

This sales approach is very powerful at building high value relationships

💯 high levels of Trust are built.

💯 insightful perspectives and solutions are collaboratively explored.

💯 everything is focused on having a meaningful impact for the customer.


🌍 It's been another wonderfully diverse group with representatives from India, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Angola, Egypt and Malaysia. 🌏 

Design Thinkers

🙏 Thank you to everyone in the group for engaging so positively and for the really positive feedback - it really is appreciated and I'm so glad you found the content and delivery valuable.

🙏 Thank you George Pastidis, Assoc CIPD, F.ISP for trusting me to train this group and have a positive impact. Katie Heath Jana Semanova

If you'd like to take your sales teams through a Design Thinking Programme please get in contact with me directly to discuss ideas.

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