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ClientTestimonials for Heads Up and Freer


Leadership Development Programmes

"Thank you Mark. It’s been a fantastic few days.

You are the master of what you do."

🔥James - Sales Enablement Director


"Thank you Mark. A brilliant programme that has built confidence

in the group to drive change in the sports sector"


🔥Rhiannon - Head of Athletics


Leadership Coaching

"You completely changed my current outlook on life. 

You guided me through my mind so I could move forward"

🔥Zoe - Community Development

Here are some real testimonials from real people about real projects and real experiences.


I hope these give you the confidence and inspire you to work with me and create a positive impact with yourself, your people and your organisation.

Leadership development and Leading Change - client testimonials for Heads Up and Freer

Leadership Development
leading change

“Mark has some fantastic skills and experience related to getting the best out of commercial teams and individuals. I considered him one of my most trusted team members and thus relied on him to deliver some of the toughest tasks around at the time!” 


M.Hayes Co Founder

“Mark has the natural ability to manage difficult conversations between senior stakeholders and achieve positive outcomes (win/wins), which is critical when building new partnerships. On top of that Mark has a strong international perspective, particularly related to cultures, behaviours and what makes commercial teams tick.”    

J.J. Diez, Director Partnerships Telefonica INFRA

“I would recommend Mark to anyone trying to manage a tricky team dynamic at work or who wants to inject some positive energy to lift the performance of their organisation. Sometimes it helps to bring someone in from the outside with real life examples from a range of different professional and sporting environments.”

J. Verstringhe, Board Director Tavistock Communications

“Thank you Mark Freer for another outstanding session allowing these young leaders to reflect on their leadership journeys so far at Berkhamsted School. They have developed their confidence and skills so much since your first session and your workshop today allowed them to consider that journey and set the example to those they serve.” 


T. Hadcroft – Headteacher, Berkhamsted School

Leading Change - Client testimonials for Heads Up and Freer

“Mark was always a great coach for the people that worked in his teams or with him, and genuinely wanted to support their growth - trusting, empowering and guiding in the right way. He was crucial to the success of several very relevant strategic B2B partnerships in France and Italy, leading the collaboration of commercial teams across different cultures as well as ensuring the operational 'nuts and bolts' of the partnerships were put in place to function.”


 A.Jove, Director B2B Engineering & Implementation , TEF Hispam.

Mark is methodical and organised with his approach to tasks. His communication and leadership style galvanises those around him. He has the unique ability to coach teams of all ages and at all levels to perform to the best of their abilities whilst nurturing their own self-leadership skills.

I would recommend anyone to have their team(s) spend time with Mark to benefit from his coaching and leadership development capabilities, to help with managing change and communicating with greater impact, all built from his own extensive business and personal experiences.

R.Greer, Cloud Specialist, PwC

Performance and Growth - client testimonials for Heads Up and Freer

performance & growth

“There are very few people who maintain the high standards and energy to achieve them that Mark is able to do on an ongoing basis. His desire to bring people along with him and develop their levels of thought, skill and passion is unbelievable. He never relents in pushing for the very highest levels of achievement in a positive, encouraging and supportive manner.” 

R.Seddon, Managing Director MRK Associates

“Mark is an extremely rare talent as a performance and leadership consultant - he is infectiously enthusiastic, keenly observant, and thoughtfully empowering. His enthusiasm is key to motivating people and he leads by example, celebrating positives and repositioning negatives as challenges to be risen to and overcome. He observes keenly what's going on in chaotic situations, particularly in how people interact with each other and the nuances of their behaviour, understanding the underlying reasons behind their decision making. And rather than dictate the best path forward he empowers people to come to their own conclusions - which means they stick to them.”

T. Lloyd-Evans, Director Montagu Private Equity

Perform and Grow - client testimonials - Heads Up and Freer

“Mark shows an amazing ability to encourage the children to develop their skills and even to draw people along who might have started out less than enthusiastically. He spends a lot of time developing his own skills in a very methodical way, with great results, and he is able to transmit these disciplines to others with ease. He works hard to structure coaching sessions so as to deliver interest and skills development in an inclusive and enjoyable way.”

D. Sheinman, Record Label, Maritime Security & Entrepeneur

"I learned a lot not only professionally but also Mark brings out the best in people, and what I would highlight the most about him is that he has empathy and always puts himself in the other person's place, always available to help in whatever I needed, without a doubt a great professional!"

C. Inigo, Marketing Specialist, TGS

Marketing and Communication - Heads Up and Freer client testimonials

marketing & communications

“Mark is a strong Marketing leader and I've seen him lead and drive strong collaboration across international marketing teams focused on getting the best results, whilst ensuring everyone is engaged and using their skills fully. I've seen him develop several strong and compelling strategic marketing plans as well as have the skills to get involved in the execution, setting an example to his team and helping them to grow.” 

B.Latham, Strategy, Transformation, Industry Analysts TTech

“Mark has been involved in many coaching, leading and inspiring team events throughout our time in Telefonica. He has been at the forefront of some significant projects - in particular leading change in France, partnering with Wind3 in Italy, and many different Culture & Communication programs across the Telefonica MNC organization. I would thoroughly recommend Mark as he always brings value and insight to all projects and activities.” 

A.Carr, Head of Business Development, TGS

If I had to highlight something from him, that would be his way to manage, lead and inspire teams, as we did lots of marketing events, campaigns and workshops together.  I would like to mention the excellent performance when related to Marketing and Communication, as he made a real difference. 

E.Blanco - Head of Customer Marketing, Ericsson

Marketing and Communications - Heads Up and Freer client testimonials
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