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Energy Leadership

How do your energy levels affect your impact as a leader?

It's challenging being a leader. 

High Stress levels; not enough time; getting the right Work-Life balance; performing under pressure; adjusting to change; managing distractions; making tough decisions; motivating & inspiring your teams; enjoying work; creating real purpose for your business, managing short & long term goals.

How do you perform at your best and thrive with all these challenges?

Understanding your energy levels, their impact, and how to control them is critical to improving "how you show up" and your "performance". Your engagement, communication and impact with others will also be transformed.

As a Energy Leadership Master Practitioner I use a scientifically validated tool to assess clients and help them understand their 'energetic profile' (how they show up on a good day) and 'stress reaction' (how they show up on a bad day).


We explore the different energy levels, how leaders show up, the impact this has, and the conscious choices they can then make going forward.


Separately I run workshops to support leaders and their teams understand how they can 'influence their energy levels positively and reduce energy drainers.


We look at spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, environmental and social influencers.

Energy leadership index Assessment

Wow!  This assessment is amazing.
It’s been such an eye opener.  
Thanks Mark. (P. Huberty)

The Eli Debrief session was intense & Mark’s mastery of the different levels of energy helped me understand my thoughts, emotions & actions.
It was in its own unique way intense, powerful and life changing .
Thanks Mark  (K.Ghose)

Mark has a profound knowledge of energy levels and his positive, professional attitude made it easy for me to have a deeper look at more delicate areas of my personality where I want to develop new behavioural patterns in the future.  (M.Zbinden)

Energetic Influencers

1. Spiritual influencers 

Spiritual influencers are individual and impacted by your values, beliefs, purpose, goals and desires.

3. Emotional influencers

Emotions signal your belief system and how well your needs and desires are being met, and how excited and enthusiastic you are what you are doing.

5. Social influencers

Having the right amount of interaction and feeling supported in your role is critical to your energy levels.

2. Mental influencers

Mental influencers involve your clarity, focus, distractions, interest and level of challenge in what you are doing.

4. Physical influencers

Awareness of your body, what it's telling you, and how well you take care of your physical wellbeing are crucial for creating physical energy and power to perform.

6. Environmental influencers

Your work environment, settings, equipment and clothing will impact how willing, motivated and enthusiastic you are to perform.

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