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Leadership Disciplines

What disciplines do you live by as a leader?

It's challenging being a leader 

Here I share 10 leadership disciplines which will ensure your energy is at the highest level and minimise potential energy drains?

If you practice and live by these disciplines you will allow yourself to operate at higher energy levels more often and lead with a 'Mastery' orientation. This allows you to master the process and from this the outcomes you want show up.

The benefits can be significant:

🚀 You will make better decisions from greater confidence and cognitive power. 

🚀 You will feel less stress and greater calmness allowing you to be more productive and effective in everything you do.

🚀 You will be more motivated and feel greater levels of wellbeing from being yourself and trusting the process.

The disciplines are all linked to one another.

You need to be aware and to accept “what is” before you can make conscious choices. You must then trust that the process you’ve chosen will get you where you want to go. You are then much more able to be authentic, fearless, and confident, which will lead you to the mastery practices of being connected, present in the moment, and 100% energetically engaged and committed. 



What benefit would living these disciplines have on you as a leader?

I run leadership workshops and programmes to support leaders and their teams understand how they can use these leadership disciplines to improve their leadership style, impact and wellbeing. Please listen to a short explanation of each discipline here.

COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist Certification

1. Awareness

Awareness is the foundation for change.

3. Conscious Choice

The greatest freedom is the freedom of choice.

5. Authenticity

When you are authentic you express yourself - your style, your gifts - in everything that you do.

7. Confidence

Confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed, or someone or something is good and has the ability to succeed.

9. Presence in the moment

Great performances require presence in the moment.

2. Acceptance

When you practice acceptance you see 'what is' and 'what was' and accept that everything is OK.

4. Trusting the process

Trusting the process means the process of learning and mastery.

6. Fearlessness

Fear is the anticipation of a negative outcome and holds you back. Fearlessness allows you play full out and lead to your potential.

8. Connection

Leaders often talk about a connection they feel to others around them when they are 'in flow'.

10. 100% energetically engaged

When you are willing, able, motivated and bought into something you are 100% energetically engaged.

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