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Breakthrough Moments

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Breakthrough Moments with Heads Up & Freer is a Podcast hosted by Mark Freer.

In each episode Mark delves into conversations that have shaped and transformed different leaders enabling them to overcome challenges, step out of their comfort zones, and achieve pivotal breakthrough moments.


By embracing their experiences, we can gain valuable insights that will empower us to reach new heights in our own leadership journey.


If you've had a breakthrough moment which you believe others could learn from or you want to share, please get in touch with me at:

1. Neil Hunter
- Explorer Extraordinaire

"You Can Do It": Discover how Neil Hunter, an Explorer Extraordinaire, overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to row across the Atlantic and trek solo to the South Pole.

Neil HunterHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 44:34

3. Mark Mortimer
- Head Teacher

 "Why not You?": Explore Mark Mortimer's journey from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy to rowing the Atlantic, and understand why he challenges his pupils to ask, "Why not you?"

Mark MortimerHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 34:58

5. Ash Farrington
- Detective Chief Inspector

"Don't be the Stig": Discover the significance of authentic leadership through the experiences of Ash Farrington, a former police officer recognized for his compassionate style of leadership.

Ash FarringtonHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 35:24

7. Kelly Daubach
- Business Coach

"Find time to go inwards to gain clarity and perspective": Explore Kelly Daubach, ACC, RD's journey from chasing external dreams to finding fulfillment within herself as a business coach.

Kelly DaubachHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 29:06

9. Saadia Abubaker
- Youth Leader & Speaker

 "You can make the change you want to see": Learn how Saadia Abubaker, a Youth Leader and speaker, is positively impacting her community by empowering younger individuals.

Saadia AbubakerHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 25:45

11. Darren Buttrick
- Sales Leader

"Never stop fighting": Discover Darren Buttrick's inspiring story of resilience and determination as he battled COVID-19 and became a beacon of hope for others.

Darren ButtrickHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 37:52

13. Roland Seddon
- Recruitment Leader

"Create a strong support network"Roland Seddon, a leader in recruitment, emphasizes the significance of building a supportive ecosystem for personal and professional growth.

Roland SeddonHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 26:36

15. Duncan Kerr
- Business Leader in Sustainability

"Take risks, learn from failures, and discover your boundaries." Duncan Kerr, CEO of Aeristech, a British research and design company, dedicated to supporting energy decarbonisation, shares his insights from an unexpected turn of events.

Duncan KerrHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 21:33

17. Leah Hodder
Marketing & Social Leader

"Embrace experimentation & push the boundaries of comfort and possibility". Leah, a creative marketing leader, was Social Leader of the Year at the Scottish Women Awards in 2023. She shares insights from working in the entertainment industry during covid & launching her own business.

Leah HodderHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 38:12

2. Darrel Sheinman
- Entrepreneur

"Being comfortable with uncertainty": Learn from Darrel Sheinman FRGS, an Entrepreneur, about the power of taking small steps outside your comfort zone to create breakthrough moments.

Darrel SheinmanHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 31:47

4. Mark Pittaccio
- Behavioural Economist

"Do something you enjoy for your own well-being and happiness"Mark Pittaccio, a Behavioral Economist, shares his perspective on finding breakthrough moments in unexpected circumstances.

Mark PittaccioHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 34:09

6. Samreen McGregor
- Leadership Advisor

"The Art of Refracting": Dive into the concept of purposeful change and slowing down with Samreen McGregor, a Leadership Advisor and bestselling author.

Samreen McGregorHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 36:02

8. Florina M. Nistor
- Burnout Coach

"Listen to yourself, Trust yourself & Find your own path": Gain insights into Florina M. Nistor's experience of burnout and rediscovering happiness through personal growth.

Florina-Maria NistorHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 24:55

10. Roger Cruikshank
- Typhoon Fighter Pilot

"Psychological Fitness is important"Roger Cruickshank DFC CFS RAF OLY, a former Typhoon Fighter Pilot and advocate for mental health awareness, discusses the importance of mental well-being for leaders.

Roger CruickshankHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 38:23

12. Matt Sturgess
- Chief Mind Locksmith

"Enjoy the small things in life": Matt Sturgess, Chief Mind Locksmith, shares insights on finding joy in the present moment and embracing the journey.

Matt SturgessHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 36:58

14. Neil Denning
- Business Owner & Adventurer

"Take risks, embrace the unknown and be adventurous"Neil Denning, a business owner and adventurer, encourages us to cultivate a growth mindset by stepping out of our comfort zones.

Neil DenningHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 27:24

16. Valeria Karusinova
- Life & Business Coach

"Do something for yourself & ask for help" Valeria reminds us that when we take care of ourselves, we become better equipped to support and uplift others, as well as the profound impact of seeking help.

Valeria KarusinovaHeads Up & Freer
00:00 / 28:49
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