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Our Solutions support Leaders and Organisations build their leadership capabilities, communication skills and team engagement, often resulting in improved team performance, well-being and motivation.

We use scientifically validated "Energy Leadership" and "Psychometric tools" and techniques to support clients understand how they "show up", "engage" and "communicate", as well as develop "strategies" and "techniques" to improve their "impact".



















Emergenetics Thinking and Behavioural Attributes
Energy Leadership Inde Assessment - what's your go-to energy level?

Emergenetics assessment, debrief & workshops

Energy Leadership Index assessment, debrief & workshops

Our solutions include:


🎯Executive Coaching: empowering Leaders to increase their awareness, breakthrough blockers and drive positive progress through professional core energy coaching.

🎯Leadership Training & Development: enabling organisations to build high performance teams and culture by creating and delivering tailored leadership programmes.

🎯Communication, Business & Sales Skills: supporting individuals & organisations build their personal brand, communicate with impact and improve their selling skills.


If any of these statements resonate with you we can support you

"I'm struggling to lead and manage major changes we need to execute."

🔥 "I can't cope, am often stressed and I think I'm experiencing burnout."

🚀 "I'm taking on a new leadership role and need some independent support."

📊 "My team aren't performing and I can't work out why."

😀 "I need to find a way to motivate and inspire my team."

🌈 "I'm struggling to develop my team and create a dynamic culture."

💡 "How do I develop a coaching culture within my organisation?"

📢 "My messages never seem to land or be fully understood by my team."

📈 "I don't have the commercial skills or expertise to manage our next transformation."

💯 "How do I better understand my team and create a high performance team?"

Perform and Thrive - Heads Up and Freer Logo

Executive & Leadership coaching

✪ Leadership Coaching

✪ Executive Coaching

✪ Psychometric & Personality Profiling

✪ Energetic Profiling & Stress Reaction

✪ Strengths Profiling & Awareness  

✪ Business  & Career Mentoring

 ✪ Fitness, Health & Energy

Lead and Inspire - Heads Up and Freer Logo

Leadership development
& training

✪ Leading Self

✪ Leading Teams & Change

✪ Leading Organisations 

✪ High Performance Culture

✪ Employee Engagement

✪ Innovation & Creativity

✪ Team Building & Inclusivity

Communicate with Impact - Heads Up and Freer Logo

 communication, Business & Sales Skills

✪ Sales & Negotiation Skills

✪ Personal Branding

✪ Communicating with Impact

✪ Presentation Skills

✪ Design Thinking

✪ Social Media

✪ Interim Leadership

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