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Reflection & Progress

🤔 What Progress have you made this week?

It's important to pause and reflect on the progress you are making.

🛤 Where are you on your journey right now?

🎯 How far have you progressed towards the goals you set yourself?

🤨 What distractions are getting in the way?

It's Friday so I thought I'd reflect on my own progress this week. 

I've enjoyed:

🎯 submitting proposals on bespoke leadership development & sales training based on specific requests to me.

🎯 finalising some leadership workshops for delivery over the coming weeks.

🎯 coaching & mentoring leaders - building their confidence and clarity.

🎯 releasing my next Podcast episode of Breakthrough Moments &

🎯 learning - refreshing on the SCARF model & motivational drivers.

🌎 And....a bit of weekend fun - where is the location of my video background?

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