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Organisational Leadership

🤔 How does pressure show up in your business?

🤔 And what is the impact of poor leadership on your front line employees?

💯 In the worst case all the pressure is transferred to your employees, there is a huge build up of anxiety and stress, and of course their performance suffers.

💯 It’s worth considering if your leaders have the experience, skills and support to operate at their best and inspire their teams to perform - if they are struggling feel free to reach out to get some tips & ideas.

I’ll share one right now - consider their energy levels!

💡think about how your leaders “show up”.

💡what are their energy levels?

💡what impact does this have on their teams?

💡 when are they at their best with high energy levels?

💡 when are they at their worst - under stress - with poor energy levels?

🚀 If you’d like to know more about Energy Leadership see the comments to my website where I share some powerful insights about energetic influencers.

💯 Have a great weekend and think about how you can support your team to be at their best next week.

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