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Nature Conservation

🤔 How do you spend your Friday mornings?

🌳 Nature Conservation and Rewilding is a pretty good way to make yourself feel better and connect with Nature.

🌳 Today I spent the morning working on Nature Conservation at the Home Farm Glamping site on the Aldenham Estate.

We spent most of the morning:

🎯 clearing woodland of laurels, rhododendrons & snowberries, which are very invasive.

🎯 planting 20 new tree saplings to support rewilding the woods.

🎯 being outside, doing something worthwhile, chatting & enjoying ourselves.


👏 Thank you Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Herts Go Green & Grow for organising this new event and Alice Darby for hosting us.

😎 Georgia Corry Abigayle Fisher Abigail Parkins Great to spend the morning with you.

💯 I'd highly recommend going to the next event in early April or if you are looking to do some team building why not try the Home Farm glamping.

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