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Motivational Drivers

🤔 When you are leading significant change in your organisation how aware are you really of the likely responses from your team?

💯 Understanding the different drivers of your employees and their "threat - reward responses" will allow you to lead change more effectively.

💯 How you show up as a leader and the actions you take to ensure your team are motivated will ultimately impact how successful your changes are.

♻ The SCARF model is a great way of understanding the motivational drivers of your team. How would your team answer these questions and which are the most important drivers for them?

1️⃣ STATUS - Do I feel valued and respected?

2️⃣ CERTAINTY - Do I have the information I need?

3️⃣ AUTONOMY - Do I have choices & control?

4️⃣ RELATEDNESS - Do I feel connected to others?

5️⃣ FAIRNESS - Do I get the credit others do?

👏 Thank you Bret Freeman, MCC, FRSA for today's session on the Evolution of SCARF on behalf of NeuroLeadership Institute - a great reminder of the importance of understanding how leaders show up as well as their teams - and how to use the SCARF model in increase awareness as well as improve interactions.

💯 I often use the SCARF model in the leadership development programmes I run - if you'd like to develop a bespoke leadership programme for your team please get in touch.

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