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🤔 How do you get your teams together to inspire and motivate them?

🎯Informal catch-ups?

🎯Annual kick-off events?

🎯Team building activities?

🎯Regular weekly meetings?

🎯Industry and client events?

🎯Strategic planning workshops?

🎯Quarterly Performance Reviews?

🎯Reward & Recognition initiatives?

🎯Coaching and Mentoring sessions?

🎯Leadership Training & Development?

🎯End of year celebrations and reflections?

💯 The most effective leaders create regular opportunities for themselves to positively influence and motivate their teams.

🌍 I was just reflecting on a kick-off event I was involved in organising quite a few years ago to mobilise and motivate an international group.

🌍 When you get international teams together it often adds complexity but the cultural diversity makes it much more fun.

🤔 What do you think?

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