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Leading from the TOP

Leading from the Top

😰 It's tough at the top – so much so that the signs of burn out are growing among leaders with 72% of business leaders often feeling used up by the end of the day according to the latest DDI global leadership forecast 2023.

💯 That’s why now is such an important time for many leaders and their teams to pause and take some time away from their business. This time is crucial to recharge, gain perspective and come back energised in 2024.

🤔 When you do come back what are the challenges you will have to contend with going into 2024?

🎯 Having a strategy & understanding the impact of AI in your industry?

🎯 Supporting your managers with the right work culture?

🎯 Completing the digitalisation of your core business?

🎯 Finding ways to grow effectively and create value?

🎯 Building resilience to cope with disruptive events?

🎯 Continuing to stand out from the crowd?

🎯 Embracing Green technology?

🎯 Capitalising on uncertainty?

👉 In my latest edition of Breakthrough Leadership – “Leading from the Top” – I explore and discuss some of these challenges that many leaders, founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs are having to deal with to give themselves the best possible opportunities to grow their businesses.

Register here on LinkedIN.

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