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Immersive Coaching

🤔 How do you create an immersive experience to coach members of your team?

💡How do you build Trust?

💡How do you ensure you are 100% present?

💡How do you build rapport with the coachee?

💡How do you create a supportive environment?

💡How do you focus on the coachee not yourself?

💡How do you find a location where you won't be distracted?

💡How do you put proper time in your diary to coach individuals?

💡How do you actively listen & really understand the coachee's situation?

💯 It's so easy for leaders and managers to jump straight into what they think is coaching without properly setting up the conditions required to have a successful coaching session.

🎯 Over the past few days I've been working with a group of Sales managers from a Tech organisation on "Coaching for Sales Leaders".

🎯It's been great to work through a number of interactive sessions, coaching role plays, theory and techniques with the group.

🎯I'm looking forward to spending a few more days diving more deeply into the coaching process to support them be even better sales coaches with their teams.

👉 If you are looking to improve the 'coaching' capabilities of your sales or commercial teams to enhance the performance and wellbeing of your teams please get in touch.

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