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Green Walls

🤔 How are you developing your work environment to support your employees and the environment?

♻ When I was working in London yesterday I saw this Green Wall and it got me thinking. 

“What impact is this Green Wall having?”

☘ Green Walls are essentially walls that are covered in plant life. They embody sustainability - for the building itself & those who use it.

How do they improve our Natural Environment?

🎯 They are an excellent way to fight air pollution - particularly in ‘street canyons’ where pollution cannot easily escape

🎯 They improve air quality by absorbing up to 50% of particulate matter & 35% of nitrogen dioxide in built-up streets (canyons) where pollution sits.

🎯 Whilst a tree absorbs c.5.5 kg of CO2 a year, 1 m2 of green wall can absorb up to c.2 kg - improving air quality & eliminating harmful toxins.

🎯 They also provide a home, refuge and food for birds and insects that would not otherwise exist.


How can they enhance our health and wellbeing

👂 They reduce noise levels by up to 50%

🧠 We improve memory recall by 12-15% when we can view vegetation.

🏃‍♂️ Green office environments can increase worker productivity by 15%.

🤒 Sick leave reduces by 10% for employees who have a view of nature.

👩‍🎓 Green walls in class rooms can improve selective attention of children. 

If you work in an urban area where is the nearest green wall to you?

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