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coaching children - positive mindset

Recently I ran a 'mindset' session on 'performing at your best' with the u13 lads I coach at rugby. I was curious to see how interested and engaged they would be around this topic and whether it would create a positive impact on them. Thankfully a significant number turned up, along with parents, and the feedback was very positive.

When I was a teenager I can't really remember any teachers, coaches or indeed my parents talking purposefully about topics related to mindset, well-being or positive psychology.

Of course there was encouragement ( hard, ...stay positive, focused., ...get fit, your best etc.) but no real guidance on how to do this effectively or purposefully from a mindset or wellbeing perspective. At school the focus was on getting the best grades, rather than understanding your purpose, what you want to get out of life and how to be the best version of yourself.

For me this is such an important topic to understand as early in your life as possible, particularly for teenagers, so you can take purposeful positive steps forward and get the most out of your life. And of course the mindset and wellbeing of all individuals in any team, organisation or business need to be continually nurtured to enable them to perform at their best.

I'm always keen to learn more about best practise in this area and also willing to share insights from what I've learnt - reach out if you are interested in discussing.

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