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Equine Learning

🤔 How do you show up and what impact does this have on others? 

🐴✨Today, I delved into the transformative world of equine facilitated learning at a networking breakfast with Dacorum Connect Sunnyside Rural Trust.

🐎💡Huge thanks to loredana caminiti and Sandra Wright asc of Be Horself Ltd for shedding light on how horses serve as powerful mirrors, reflecting our energy and behaviours with unparalleled honesty and non-judgment. 

💼🌱In their presence, we learn to connect with ourselves authentically, fostering positive engagement and renewed energy. It's a radical yet profoundly effective approach to self-awareness and growth. 

👏 🌐Special shoutout to Cindy Withey for orchestrating this enriching gathering, and to my fellow local contacts and businesses - Alex WilliamsDavid HawesFiona FoulkesDavid Taylor, and Nadia van Woerkom - for the inspiring discussions. Let's keep nurturing connections and thriving together! 

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