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🙏 Thank you to the Emergenetics UK team for running a really insightful Associates day today David Sales Kylie Seaman Grace Parish Liz Wojciechowski Simone Robinson CertIoD

⛈ Great agility, flexibility and organisation - particularly taking the event on-line today when the planned venue flooded only yesterday.

 🙋‍♂️ Yesterday I was working on how people's body language and non-verbal cues impact how they engage and communicate effectively.

🧠 Today it's been all about people's thinking and behaviour preferences, the diversity of teams, and how these impact engagement and communication.

💡 There were some great discussions about how Emergenetics is being used and the transformative impact on communication, language and diversity in different organisations. Thank you Aileen Cowler Suzanne Vawdrey Lydia Hall. Assoc CIPD Debbie McKelvey Brown, Ed.D.

😃 And it's always great to hear what other Associates are up to, get competitive in a quiz, and hear the latest fun stories. Steve Rouse Anna Marsden Zoe Jepson Jenny Thow Matt Sturgess Anita Roche Cheron Evans Lucy Lenton Assoc CIPD Katie Bavester Sian Duncan

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