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Eclectic Leadership

💯 I'm delighted to share my latest edition of Breakthrough Leadership - “Eclectic Leadership” - where I share a mix of breakthrough leadership concepts which I’ve experienced over the past month. 

💯 I’m not suggesting these will all work for you, but I do hope you find them insightful.

😎 In fact Eclectic Leadership means that you don’t have to ascribe to one single way of leadership. You are open minded to different possibilities. Importantly it allows for spontaneity, and a more natural leadership style to come through.

Eclectic topics I cover include:

🎯 Mentoring – supporting others to realise their potential.

🎯 Local Business – engaging and building meaningful relationships

🎯 Mindset shifts to drive organisational change.

🎯 Measuring the impact of your services

🎯 Your Leadership Shadow

🎯 Developing your teams in 2024

🎯 Preparation - high performance routines

🎯 Strategic Thinking for Leaders

🎯 The power of gratitude

🎯 Leadership focus areas for 2024 – being at your best

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If you think someone in your team or some of your contacts would benefit from reading this newsletter please share this with them. 🙏 Thank you

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