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Culture - Monday Feeling

🤔 How does your team feel about coming to work on Mondays?

😨 According to The Office of Health Improvement & Disparities 67% of people often experience anxiety on a Sunday.

People often feel dread on Sunday nights about going to work on Monday because they: 

😬 don’t enjoy their job & find it unfulfilling

😰 feel overwhelmed by the workload

😳 feel a lack of connection with colleagues

😔 feel that their efforts are not recognised

All these contribute to a negative perception of your company culture. Worst still it negatively impacts engagement, loyalty & performance of your teams.

So what can you do to create a more supportive culture:

🎯 Value employee wellbeing, growth & development.

🎯 Provide opportunities for professional development, training & growth.

🎯 Encourage open communication & feedback.

🎯 Recognise & Reward employee contributions.

🎯 Offer flexible working arrangements.

🎯 Provide health & wellness programmes. 

🎯 Set clear expectations for behaviour & performance.

🎯 Create fun team building opportunities to create deeper understanding of each other.

But most of all as a Leader you need to “Live your Values” and set an example:

💯 foster collaboration,

💯 be transparent and clear, 

💯 be honest & authentic, 

💯 recognise your team,

💯 give feedback & ask for feedback

🤩💡😃 If you do this well you will build a positive culture and help your team feel better about coming to work on a Monday.

🚀 If you need support building a more positive Culture please get in touch.

Picture: Me inside the “Hive” at Kew Gardens. Bees build very powerful communities communicating effectively through vibrations & their famous waggie dances.

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