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Cosmology & Philosophy

🪐 What does it mean to live a finite fragile life in an infinite eternal universe?

I was fortunate to hear Professor Brian Cox talk in person today about Cosmology - black holes - gravitational waves - the origins of the universe - at the Tech Show London.

🌍 We are physically insignificant - small specs of dust - 1 earth amongst 400bn stars in 1 galaxy amongst 2 trillion galaxies - it’s hard to get your head round it.

🌎 Our complex intelligent life is extremely rare - it brings ‘unique’ to an otherwise meaningless universe - consider that.

🌏 Brian recently introduced the COP 26 summit with a thought provoking and challenging statement to world leaders - in essence highlighting the need to consider our world inconceivably valuable.

“If we are the only meaningful life in our galaxy we don’t want to blow it!”

It certainly puts everything we do in perspective.

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