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CompTIA Emeacon 2023

🤔 Louis Theroux and Chocolates - what's the connection?

👉 CompTIA's EMEA Member & Partner Conference 2023.

It was a pleasure joining this event yesterday & talking about "Young Talent".

💡 Some great insights and personal stories from across the MSP community. 👏

Topped off by.....

🎯 Louis Theroux sharing some wonderful stories from his life making immersive documentaries in worlds that are viewed as taboo or forbidden.

(Todd Thibodeaux you managed the conversation extremely well)

🎯and..... the chocolates - often it's the small gestures of thanks and appreciation that go a long way in life.

(thank you to the CompTIA team that organised this)

🙏 Great to meet and chat with a few of you there.

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