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Children's Mental Health Week

🤔 How do you support young people to feel good about themselves, cope better and be happier?

🧠 This week is Children's Mental Health week - "My Voice Matters" is the theme.

😟 According to the The Children's Society children's wellbeing is at a 10 year low. 

🎯 1 in 6 children are likely to have a mental health condition. 

🎯 52% of 17 to 23 year olds have experienced mental health getting worse in the last 5 years.

💯 Young Talent provides the Leaders of the Future, so it really important to provide support where we can for children. They need role models. They need people to listen to them. They need guidance, support and mentoring. They often need to develop their social skills. 

💯 I'm privileged to have been able to support a wide range of different children and young talent in recent years through voluntary work in the community, working with local schools as well as coaching sport. 

💯 I'm looking forward to continuing to support where I can to give young people more confidence to shine.

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