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Change & Well-being

🤔 How do you look after the well-being of your teams with change and disruption everywhere?

📊 Some organisations will be coming towards the end of their fiscal year, particularly those operating on a calendar basis.

😰 This is when the pressure can build up on your teams and create stress, anxiety and at worst burn-out.

📈 There are sales numbers to hit, key project milestones to deliver, KPIs for investors, customer service targets, employee engagement metrics - to name just a few.

🤔 What can you do to support your teams?

🎯 Build understanding of their energy levels and how they "show up".

🎯 Enable high performance routines to allow teams to perform and recover.

🎯 Create awareness of what increases & decreases your energy.

🎯 Build high performance teams that can lead and inspire change.

🎯 Leverage brain science understanding your teams thinking & behaviours to optimise engagement.

🎯 Create a culture with leadership role models who consistently demonstrate the values, beliefs and behaviours that support engagement, productivity and wellbeing.

📲 These are topics I deliver workshops on as part of the leadership programmes I deliver to clients. If you are looking for fresh ideas to support your team and are going through disruptive change please get in touch.

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