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Celebrating 2 Years

🌌May the Force be with You

🚀 May 4th is in the day I launched my business.

👏 Today is the 2 year anniversary of Heads Up and Freer.

😎 I’m pausing to reflect, share some insights and celebrate.

😃 After 30 years of working in the corporate world I decided to follow one of my passions and pivot.

💯 Now I get to regularly work with business leaders, their teams & young talent to enhance their impact, performance & wellbeing.

It’s 😁 liberating – choosing where and how you make an impact, but it's also 😰 really tough – constantly building your reputation & finding new clients.

During the two years I’ve been fortunate to work directly with over:

🎯325 leaders, across a wide range of industries, in groups or individually to optimise their performance, impact & business skills.

🎯100 young leaders in secondary schools to support them grow, build their confidence & communicate more effectively.

🎯105 sales leaders to improve their sales skills, coaching abilities and design thinking.

🎯 43 leaders individually providing coaching & mentoring to support them move forward with greater clarity & confidence.

🎯 17 leaders recording Podcasts on their pivotal breakthrough moments in their lives.

What makes me most proud is the feedback I get – here are just a couple:

🧠 “You completely changed my outlook on life. You guided me through my mind so I could move forward.”

🗣 “Coaching works – by using the skills you have shown me I have realised I have a voice to be heard.”

💡 “I’ve really enjoyed your energy & passion for the leadership topics. Truly thought provoking.”

🚀 “Thank you Mark. You are the Master of what you do”

 Thank you to all the clients & collaborators who have trusted me to have a positive impact.

🙏 I am extremely grateful to have worked with some amazing individuals & organisations across a wide range of industries. 

💯 I look forward to working with many more going forward and having a positive impact.

💡 Over the coming few days I will share some tips from what I’ve learnt during these 2 years to hopefully help other considering starting their own business or getting into people development.

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