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BusinesS Skills

🤔 How do you engage and communicate with more impact?

🙏 🙏🙏 Thank you Nicola Stopps for trusting me with your team yesterday.

💚 It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day working with the team from Simply Sustainable developing critical business skills in particular:

🎯 Communicating with Impact - both in person and virtually.

🎯 High performance routines - increasing energy, impact and performance.

🎯 Curious consulting skills - focusing on listening and questioning skills.

👏👏👏Thank you to everyone for engaging so positively with lots of energy and interaction.

💯 We covered a lot of tools and techniques

💯 We used lots of high tempo breakout sessions to embed the learning

💯 All of which I hope challenged you and has given you more confidence, knowledge and ways to enhance your impact.

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