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Breakthrough Moments with Roland Seddon

Updated: May 22, 2023

In this episode Mark talks to Roland Seddon.

Roland runs his own recruitment company, enjoys finding and placing talent in the market and is a keen sportsman and fan.

Listen to Roland talk openly about some of the challenges and experiences he’s had in his life, in particular, setting up his own business and dealing with some tough challenges through Covid.

Topics and themes that Roland discusses include:

  • Feeling blocked and unmotivated at work and thinking “I can do better than this”.

  • Starting his business MRK and “Taking the Jump”.

  • The challenges of growing too quickly and the importance of “getting the right people”.

  • Getting through tough times (Covid) and the “importance of his support network”.

  • The impact of Culture – “Trust, Empowerment & Space ….. & ”Wellness Wednesdays”.

  • Investing time in himself – having a coach to talk challenges through with & hold you to account.

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