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Global challenges

Over the past few days I’ve been extremely fortunate and grateful to join virtual sessions at the first ever Hillary Rodham Clinton “Global Challenges” Summit hosted by #SwanseaUniversity and supported by the #welshgovernment #globalchallenges.

A host of renowned international experts and change-makers have led informative and inspiring conversations about how we solve the most pressing global challenges including climate change, healthcare and inequality and harness technology. At the centre of these sessions have been a number of important themes for me:

- Creating global partnerships with a spirit of cooperation allowing diverse thinking required for innovation as well as important enablers such as finance and regulation. #partnershipsmatter

- Nurturing and fighting for progress to drive purposeful action which supports the well-being of future generations through distributed leadership and mobilising collective effort. #progressivethinking

- Giving a voice and platform to future generation thinkers, so they are engaged in decisions and actions that impact their future. #futuregenerations

- Promoting a more equal world and supporting basic human rights, for example, for healthcare (for vaccines) and internet access (for education). #equalaccess

- Harnessing technologies as a force for good, whether that’s machine learning and data science to create vaccines or basic secure connectivity to the internet to support education #innovationtechnology

- Recognising the importance of mindset and how resilience, grit, optimism and purpose really can positively impact your well-being, support ‘change-thinking’ and purposeful action. #positivepsychology

Thank you.

I've learnt so much.

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