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Breakthrough Moments Podcast - Explorer Extraordinaire Neil Hunter

In this episode Mark talks to Neil Hunter, who he describes as an "Explorer Extraordinaire".

Neil currently spends most of his time on the sea in "Rib Boats" for a living, doing something he loves.

In 2007 Neil realised "he could be one of those people" and rowed across the Atlantic in 67 days.

In 2019 Neil trekked solo to the South Pole in 51 days, one of only 39 people to have ever done this.

Listen to Neil talk about his breakthrough moments and why "You Can Do It" and by "Taking a Leap of Faith" you can take your first steps towards transforming your life.

Even in those toughest moments it's amazing what we can do to overcome obstacles thrown in our way.

Enjoy listening to this Podcast and let me know if anything resonates with you.

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