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Female Leadership

🤔 “Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.” Who said that?

🧠 Here are some thought-provoking insights from some inspiring women I've been fortunate to have conversations with on my Breakthrough Moments Podcast. 

🎙 "The Art of Refracting & the work of being Vulnerable"!

🎙 "You can make the change you want to see"!

🎙 "Find time to go inwards to gain clarity and perspective"

🎙 "Listen to yourself, Trust yourself & Find your own path"

🎙 "Do something for yourself & ask for help"

🎙 "Embrace experimentation & push the boundaries of comfort and possibility"

🎙🎙🎙 You can listen to the full conversations here:

📙📘📗 And if you are more of a reader - and have kids aged 8-12 why not try reading the "Little Spirit" series - my wonderful wife has just released the 4th book in this mystery adventure series - available on Amazon.

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