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Breakthrough Moments Podcast - Entrepeneur Darrel Sheinman

In this episode Mark talks to Darrel Sheinman, who describes himself as a Renaissance man - someone who has a wide range of interests and is an expert in several areas. He is also an Entrepeneur who's had success creating several businesses.

Darrel currently runs a music and record business and has a varied mix of interests ranging from martial arts to mushroom picking.

During his career Darrel has had several pivotal moments which have led him to experience success across a diverse mix of businesses from trading in London, to setting up a Shipping Security business, to creating a record label and music business.

Listen to Darrel talk about his breakthrough moments and insights. Often, it's a series of little steps that create the breakthrough moments.

Sometimes it's about just "getting started", "getting out of your comfort zone", "believing in what you are doing", and "staying in the game as long as you can".

"Being comfortable with uncertainty" is a theme that Darrel talks a lot about.

Enjoy listening to this Podcast and please rate and comment on it if you found it useful.

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