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Time for a change

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Time for change and exciting new beginnings.

After c.30 years working in the corporate world with some amazing companies like O2, Telefonica, 3, Hutchison Whampoa and BT I have decided to start my own business up.

I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had to work with some fantastic colleagues, partners and customers over the years. Being part of a global organisation has opened my eyes to many different cultures and ways of working. It has allowed me to

(i) explore how to motivate individuals and teams to perform at their best

(ii) manage and lead complex commercial programmes driving positive change and

(iii) create and implement meaningful marketing plans and cultural programmes which have positively impacted employee and customer engagement.

There are too many memories and experiences to list individually but there are a few I remember fondly:

“Customer Experience” and “Brand” were at the centre of everything O2 did when I started with them back in 2004. When you get this right your customers love you!

"Building and launching new partnerships and companies were fundamental to being a global player when I was at Telefonica. I fondly remember the brilliant team we put together to build and launch a Joint Venture in France between Telefonica and Bouygues Telecom. Inspired, motivated and engaged teams really are critical to any business success.

"Creating ground-breaking global events, campaigns & communication with international customers requires a brilliant team of specialist marketeers to execute brilliantly. The value of Marketing is often mis-understood by executives in B2B and treated as an extension of sales. Never forget the power of messaging and storytelling!

"Having the opportunity to create training, coaching and culture programmes which helped positively grow different global commercial teams was a pleasure. Whilst leading these programmes I was able to continue to keep learning and mastering particular skills ranging from topics such as Leadership, Team building, Kick-offs, Sales Excellence, Cultural Awareness and New Starter Training.

"Working with some first class commercial leaders and sales people - too many to mention. The power of "Creating Client Value", "Consultative selling" and "Helping clients on their digital transformation journeys" is with me for life!

If you are reading this blog it means you have found my website and will see that I'm now helping individuals and organisations to (i) perform & thrive, (ii) lead & inspire, and (iii) communicate with impact. If you need support please do get in contact with me to see what we can do together.

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