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Team Talks

🤔 What team talks have inspired you to go the extra mile?

Berkhamsted u15s decided to have a post match team talk and huddle at the end of their game last night. They’d played well and won the game.

🤔 So what do you discuss when you’ve finished a match, completed a project or something’s gone well or indeed not so well?

We often think of doing team talks at the start of matches or projects, but they are equally important to do at the end.

💯 Every match or project has a final outcome, but it’s the start of the next week’s activity. Robust teams identify the new space to move into and see the potential growth ahead. This provides their motivation and inspiration.

💯 Team values and ethos shine through regardless. A high performing team pick themselves back up when they get knocked down. When they win they stay humble, appreciate where they are and continue to build. 

When giving team talks effective leaders:

🎯 recognise when their team is vulnerable

🎯 focus on the next step of the journey

🎯 inspire and build them back-up 

🎯 appreciate everyone’s efforts

🤔 What team talk has had the most positive impact on your team?

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