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Team Connectors

🤔 Who are the true connectors in your team?

🎯 These are the people who build relationships and connect people to opportunities for collaboration.

🎯They are often talented at creating and maintaining networks of contacts.

🎯They will also use these connections to help others achieve their goals.

💯 Leadership connectors are critical to building and growing a sustainable business because they focus on high value connections and relationships which are critical to the success of any business.

🏉 Similarly in team sports there are roles which are crucial for connecting team mates. Last night I was at a "Scrum Half" coaching clinic. This unique position not only requires some very specific skill sets but it also plays a critical role in connecting the forwards and the backs. Arguably without them the game would descent into chaos.

Thank you to Russell Bolton for running the session and Tom Mowbray for organising the session Tring Rugby Union Football Club. As always myself and my fellow coaches always learn something new Dayner Proudfoot Edward Blogg Jonathan Westcott Graham Brown Rob Bray 

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