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Sustainability & Wellbeing

Updated: May 15

🤔 How do you optimise your mental health?

🧠 This week is mental health week.

Any leader that wants to optimise the performance of their teams needs to look after the wellbeing of their people. One of the best ways is to actually demonstrate and encourage the behaviours you want to see:

🏃‍♀️ Look after your physical health

🌐 Connect with others

👨‍🎓 Learn and be creative

🛌 Improve your sleep

⏱ Pause to reduce stress

🌳 Get outside and spend time on Nature

At lunchtime today I joined another #HertsgoGreenandGrow workshop run by Fiona Edwards MIEMA, CEnv David Hawes and Abigayle Fisher.

🌍 A great reminder of all the #Sustainability things we can do as small businesses to 'collectively' have an impact - the aggregation of marginal gains can have an impact on the planet.

💚 Not only is this good for the planet but it makes us feel better.

👏 👏 👏 Thanks for all the updates on Sustainability and Volunteering

🎯 David Hawes on Net Zero in the News

🎯 Simon Littlewood on Sustainability Skills Bootcamps

🎯 Mihnea Pruna on Active Commute & Cycling programmes 

🎯 Sarah Moreland MBE on Volunteering at the HERTFORDSHIRE COUNTY SHOW

🎯 Lisa Foster on the 30 days Wild annual nature challenge in Herts.

🎯 Jim Tatchell on the Volmatch Volunteering platform

Great to see lots of familiar faces and looking forward to getting out there and continuing to make a small difference personally where I can.

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