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Sustainability & Sport

🤔 How does Sustainability impact Sport?

⛈ We had heavy rain last night.

😨 All training & matches have been cancelled at my local rugby club today.

😕 Thankfully one of the teams I coach is playing away and the match is on.

💯 Did you know that about 33% of grass roots football pitches lose up to 2 months of the year from flooding in the UK?

💯 And by 2050 25% of English league football grounds will be at risk from flooding every year according to Playing Against the Clock.

And it's not just flooding we need to deal with. 

💯 Extreme heat conditions are impacting sports people and athletes with Dehydration (36%), Heat stroke/exhaustion(24%) and Muscle Cramping (16%) being the most common reported impacts.

🎯 When you are considering your sustainability strategy, metrics and actions for your business think about the broader considerations and impacts.

One of my favourite definitions of sustainability is:

🌍 "Treating the world as if we planned to stay" 🌎 

🤔 If you are a coach of a local sports team how have you been affected this weekend from extreme weather?

Photo: From a couple of years ago in North West London - Extremely Muddy Rugby

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