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Sustainability Bootcamp

🤔 Why is Sustainability and Net Zero so important?

💯 In short, humankind needs to behave like it wants to stay on this planet.

There is increasing evidence that global warming has accelerated over the past 15 years.

😰 Last year 86 days were recorded with temperatures over 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

😬 In 2024 sea and land surface temperatures exceeded previous records by a huge margin.

😮 Extreme weather has an increasingly disruptive impact on us.

So why are we not acting with the urgency required?

📊 Most organisations & governments are focused on short term economic business survival.

😱 It’s distressing if you really think about it and the devastating consequences.

So what can we do?

💯 Find ways to inspire and motivate people to measure their consumption and emissions, as well as take positive action.

🌡 The Paris agreement set a 1.5C temperature target back in 2015 with the aim to mobilising countries around the world to take positive action – more legislation is coming that will enforce measurement and proactive actions.

🌳 Create a Net Zero Strategy by firstly measuring personal and business greenhouse gas emissions and then build a plan of action - focus on short term energy efficiency solutions first, then build longer term commitments.

🧠 Last week I joined a “Green Skills Bootcamp” programme run by Estu Global which will focus on "Sustainability and Leadership" over the next few months.

🧠 I’m really looking forward learning much more about this subject and how to drive positive change from a range of experts and engaging more with my cohort. 

💯 At the same time I’m keen to explore how I integrate the “sustainability” agenda into the bespoke leadership programmes I run to support progressive action across businesses.

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