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Show your Stripes

🤔 How are you turning climate conversations into action?

🌍 Today is “Show your Stripes day” - it’s all about creating positive conversations and action about climate globally.

👨‍🎓 Coincidently I've just spent the whole day on a “Sustainability leadership” programme at Hatfield university as part of Estu Global’s Green Skills bootcamp.

🙏 Thank you to Fran Ellington and David Hawes for sharing your expertise on the latest:

🎯International responses to environmental issues and legislation

🎯Net Zero governance, strategy, reporting and action.

🙏 Thank you Alasdair Craig for sharing your expertise on:

🎯 Non-verbal communication 

🎯 Authenticity & Congruence

🎯 Matching what you say with how you say it

🧠 And of course it’s always great to engage and chat with my fellow cohort and learn from each other 

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