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Rugby Coaching

🤔 What do you do when you’ve got your Sunday mornings free again?

😅 I’ll be honest it’s lovely to have a break from rugby coaching on Sundays for a few months.

🏉 We’ve now finished the Tring Rugby Union Football Club u15s season - last weekend we toured in Dorset & next weekend we have our club awards.

🏖️ Like anything in life that you are passionate about and spend time doing you do need to take a break from it from time to time. It allows you to:

🎯 Rest & Recovery

🎯 Broaden your experiences

🎯 Spend more time on other passions

🎯 Step back & put things in perspective

🎯 Re-energise & come back motivated

❤️‍🔥 What are you passionate about, but need a break from every now and again?

👏 👏 Well done to all those volunteers who give uo their own time to support and develop others whether that’s sport or other causes.

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