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Not "Just a Graduate"

🤔How do your thoughts impact how you show up as a leader?

😳 You are not “just a graduate”!

💯 You are the “sparks” that will “ignite” the transformation required in your organisation!

💯 You are the “ideas” and “actions” that will lead your teams into the future!

💡Interestingly this was a theme that came up over the last couple of days and something I had to remind the group I was working with.

🧠 I’ve just finished a leadership training programme on “Leading Others” with 20 Energus graduates on behalf of The Oakridge Centre First Ascent Group

👏 As always it’s great to share ideas and insights with colleagues who are also working on the programme Simone Robinson CertIoD David Sales Anna Marsden Mark Brooks Sue Blight, MSc & Adam Robertson.

👏 And of course thank you to everyone in my group for engaging so positively. I really hope you found the sessions useful and they help you grow as a young talented leader.🚀


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