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Neurodiversity Matters

🤔 How well do you understand the differences in thinking and behavioural preferences of your team?

🤔 What impact does this have on their engagement, communication and team effectiveness?

🧠 🌈 This week is Neurodiversity Celebration week - it's a worldwide initiative which challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences.

Neurodiversity includes people who are:

🧠 Neurotypical - people with typical brain processing and functioning, who don't have to think about how their brain functions.

🧠 Neurodivergent - people's who's brain functioning & processing deviates from what is considered typical and can be wide and varied.

💯 If you want to better understand the thinking and behavioural preferences of your team why not consider profiling them and running a workshop to allow them to better understand their colleagues. The impact on your team's effectiveness and performance can be significant. Please DM if you are interested in learning more.

🚀 Today I'm off to work with a leadership team on Building a High Performance Culture and looking forward to embracing the mix of ideas in the room.

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