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Nature Conservation & Wellbeing

😃 How do you make yourself feel better on a Friday?

Home Farm Nature Conservation

🌳 Plant some trees.

♻ Improve the biodiversity.

⚠ Remove some invasive woodland species.

😎 Chat with fellow local businesses who are passionate about conservation.

👏👏👏 Thank you Fiona Edwards MIEMA, CEnv for organising another enjoyable morning of Nature Conservation at Home Farm Glamping as part of the #HertsGoGreenandGrow initiatives with Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. A great initiative which I'd highly recommend.

🙏 Great to chat with David Hawes Alice Darby Steve Armitage Robert Voss CBE CStJ John Howie amongst others.

🎷 Finally, if you like live music and are looking for summer events in the Elstree area why not try hashtag#athomefarm "live music in the woods" over the summer. I like the sound of the Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club night on 12th July with Vanessa Haynes.

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