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Music, Wellbeing & Performance

🤔 What impact does listening to music have on your wellbeing and performance?

🎹🎹🎹 When we listen to music we increase our ability to generate & control emotions and improve our memory. 

🎯 Our limbic system, which is involved in processing emotions and controlling memory, “lights” up when we listen to music because of the increased blood flow.

🎯 Music has the potential to enhance our mood and create a positive buzz. 

🎯 Think of all those events and conferences where music is used to rally the audience and stir positive emotions.

🎹🎹🎹 Music has also been shown to increase the performance. 

🎯 Endurance tasks such as holding a weight for as long as possible or walking until exhaustion performed with better results when accompanied by music. 

🎯 High intensity short power tasks such as rowing sprints showed similar results.

🎯 In these cases music has been shown to be a positive distraction diverting our attention away from the pain or discomfort we may be experiencing. It helps us temporarily forget our fatigue and we are able to push further.

🎯 Think of those runs or sessions in the gym where you’ve had music playing to help you go for longer.

❓ So as you prepare to celebrate seeing in the New Year 2024 what music will you be listening to and what impact will it have on you?

⏺ I’ve just found a load of my old vinyl records from when I was a teenager – they bring back so many memories – I’ll be playing a few of these on my new Turntable.

🎇 Enjoy seeing in the New Year wherever you are.

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