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Memories & COnfidence

🧠 What are some of your most vivid and enjoyable memories?

💯 Recalling memories where you experienced something positive can be a very effective way of building confidence - you remind yourself of what you are capable of. This is particularly powerful when you feel stuck.

🏉 I’ve just spent the morning at Bramley lane watching my Tring Rugby Union Football Club u15s play Saracens Group Amateurs in a close fought and highly entertaining game - well played lads.

💭 For me it was a bit of a trip down memory lane - I played for Saracens for several years at this ground in the early 90s when I left university and started working in London.

🎯 I remember clearly when the sport went professional in 95-96 - everything changed quickly.

🤩 Sarries signed some real stars

🚀 All of a sudden the likes of Michael Lynagh, Philippe Sella, Francois Pienaar and Kyran Bracken were at the club training and playing.

Nearly 30 years on and the amateur part of the club still plays here - same clubhouse and same pitches - not much as changed.

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