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Manufacturing & Engineering Summit

🤔 How do you inspire, attract & develop young talent in your industry?

🏭 Yesterday I joined the Manufacturing & Engineering Summit at the Institute of Engineering and Technology hosted by Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce to learn about the latest trends, best practice and status of this important sector. 

🎯 Apparently there are c.173,000 engineering vacancies in the UK. The opportunity cost of this is £1.5bn.

🎯 There is limited career guidance & sign posting about engineering in schools. Upskilling and Reskilling is required to keep up with technology.

🎯 Automation, Robotics and AI have huge potential to remove or replace dull repetitive tasks. This frees up human resource to work on higher value activities and drive growth.

🙏 Thank you to all the speakers & panellists that shared their valuable time and insights. Ed Almond Peter Church Nigel Grant Nicholas Groom 

🙏 Thank you Donna Schultz Mary C. Sykes BA, MCIPR FRSA 🇨🇦 🇬🇧 and your team for organising this very insightful first commerce summit of 2024.

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