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Local Business

🤔 Why is it so important to talk to and engage with communities and businesses in your area?

Simply speaking you:

🎯 create more meaningful relationships

🎯 better understand the real challenges businesses face

🎯 are able to share ideas, potential solutions and support each other

🙏 Thank you Sanjeev Bhavnani for hosting the Business Owner-Leader Mastermind Lunch yesterday.

💯 Some really enjoyable, engaging and real conversations - about real challenges and opportunities that exist right now in the local SME community.

🚀 Wonderful to chat with a number of you and then discuss relevant hot topics that SMEs are facing - from where clients are investing/budgeting - to using AI to have a positive impact. 

🚀 And of course to better understand the wonderful array of local businesses to collaborate with in future.

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