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Leading Others

🤔 What training do you wish you had when you started your career?

🏙️ Over the next few days I’ll be working with a group of 20 graduates from the nuclear industry on behalf of The Oakridge Centre in London.

🧬 The group is a mix of engineers, project & risk managers, and cyber security specialists from Energus.

🧠 I’m looking forward to supporting their behavioural development and working with them on “Leading Others” in particular:

🎯 Forming Teams

🎯 Problem Solving

🎯 Decision Making

🎯 Power and Influence

🎯 Emotional Intelligence

🎯 Feedback & Difficult Conversations 

🚀 Great to be working with David Sales Simone Robinson CertIoD Anna Marsden Mark Brooks Sue Blight, MSc Adam Robertson again.

👏 And what a great location for training - County Hall on the South Bank.

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