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Leadership Shadow

🤔 What "Leadership Shadow" are you casting over your teams in 2024?

💯 Every Leader casts a "shadow".

🤔 So what is your Leadership Shadow?

Leadership Shadow

In simple terms it's:

🎯What you Say: 

The way you set context, frame, emphasise & communicate influence your engagement with others and ultimately your impact.

🎯How you Act:

Your behaviours, decisions and relationships affect how influential you are as a role model and leader.

🎯How you measure:

The level of accountability and transparency with reward, recognition and feedback influence the levels of trust and motivation in your teams.

🎯What you prioritise:

Your routines, who you meet, and how you are visibly seen to lead can be the difference between an inspired team or not.

📲 If you are struggling to understand your leadership shadow and want to build higher performing teams please get in touch.

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