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Knowing your Clients

🤔 How well do you know your colleagues and clients?

🧠 The highest performing teams know each other extremely well!

😌 It’s sounds too simple doesn’t it, but it’s true.

🫤 That said in business it can be challenging to really get to know the people around you.

⏳ You need to invest time and effort and be genuinely curious about understanding what makes your colleagues or customers tick.

🤩One of the reasons organisations have a range of hospitality and events is exactly for this reason - to get to know their clients in a fun and enjoyable environment.

🏉 I was very fortunate to work for O2 (Telefónica UK) in the past who were sponsors of England Rugby. This gave us access to some wonderful facilities and allowed us to run some brilliant customer engagement events.

🏟️ Who remembers these touch rugby tournaments at Twickenham Stadium? Great fun and the clients loved it. 

🎯Yesterday I found this team promotion board with the names of all the companies and attendees from one of those events (2005-6 ish)

❓What’s the best event you’ve every been to for developing stronger relationships?

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