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Insight, Influence & Trust

🤔 How do you create that 'edge' that allows you to stand out from the crowd and have a real impact?

Insight, Influence & Trust - creating an advantage

🧠 This morning I've been delivering the first part of a 4 day Design Thinking programme to an international group of sales leaders from a Tech company. One of the topics we covered was about this very question - so I thought I'd share 3 points to consider if you'd like to give yourself the edge. 🎯 Insight: How much insight and new ways of thinking do you bring? 🎯 Influence: How well do you influence others to make decisions and positively move forward? 🎯 Trust: How credible, reliable and intimate are you with your clients and how orientated are you on them? If any of these have given you the 'edge' recently please let me know. Have a great week.

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