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Great leadership inspires and empowers ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I'm always interested in what people think makes a great leader.

There are so many great examples across different societies, organisations and cultures.

The leaders that tend to resonate the most seem to be those that have given so much for a cause, often at their own expense, or have driven change under the most challenging circumstances, or indeed dreamt so big that they managed to move the masses to achieve something quite extraordinary.

I'd love to know what you think makes a great leader and how you support your leaders to develop and grow in your business.

There are many role models out there. Nelson Mandela fought for social justice and democracy spending 27 years in prison for being an anti-apartheid revolutionary and then went on to the countries first black president. Quite extraordinary!

Closer to home many people are leading local causes or teams - these might be teachers at your local school, coaches at your local sports club, or volunteers in your community. I'm sure you can name several that have had a positive impact on you or your family!

So given all of that, I thought I'd write a list of the behaviours I've personally experienced and seen in some of the best leaders from the business world, sports world, academic and scientific world. I hope you find these insightful.

Leaders understand what makes people tick and how to motivate them!

Leaders trust and empower their teams to be curious, brave and create positive change!

Leaders drive progressive conversations with their teams & listen well!

Leaders actions inspire others to dream, learn, do and become more!

Leaders lead from the front, don’t give up and are willing to go forward alone, if that’s what it takes!

Leaders inspire others to become leaders accelerating positive momentum!

Leaders thank their teams and show genuine gratitude spontaneously!

Leaders take time to know their teams and some even love their teams!

Leaders aren’t perfect, they get things wrong, but learn fast and move on!

Leaders stop to think and improve their perspective.

Leaders purposefully open their mind to diverse ideas and concepts!

Leaders are future-minded setting a strategy to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities!

Leaders set ambitious goals, track them in detail and give accountability to their teams!

Leaders drive transformation helping their teams to be agile, creative and cope with uncertainty!

Leaders create Culture, which changes behaviours, which changes outcomes!

Great Leaders have a lasting positive impact, long after they have gone!

They create a Legacy which lives on with their team!

If your business is going through massive change and you need support leading your teams and ensuring they are engaged, motivated and inspired to perform at their best please get in contact for a free discovery call.

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